Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Reviews – H2oVibe Rain Shower Head with Speaker

Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review


Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker for Pleasurable Shower Experience!

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Polished Chrome

Nothing is as good as starting the day with a powerful rain shower that is sprinkled in the most organised way through the luxurious rain shower head fitted in your bathroom. We all strive to live in luxury, and with the evolution of technology, we are successfully moving towards the standard of living where everything we buy is related to our luxurious needs. Talking of our bathroom fixtures, the shower heads designed as the best Bluetooth shower speaker is highly in demand, and thus we bring to you information about the most preferable choice available in the market.


Product Specification of H2oVibe Wireless Shower Speaker:

  • Enabled with V3.0+ EDR Bluetooth.
  • Operates within the range of 10 m.
  • The play could be extended to a total of 11.5 hours at once.
  • It provides a standby time of up to 15 hours.
  • Works on 10 GHz processor
  • It becomes operational with the input voltage of maximum DC5V 500mA and the output voltage of max 5.5V.



Detailed Product Review of Best Rain Shower Head with Speaker:

  • This Bluetooth showerhead speaker allows you to have a pleasurable experience within the ultra wide and powerful sprinkles that are delivered from this product, in compliance with your favourite music.
  • You no more have to visit the spa hubs to take that spa like feel.
  • H2oVibe rain shower head is designed with the enhanced noise reduction feature, dual microphone, and push to speak button so that you don’t be away from your important phone calls.
  • With 33 feet connectivity option, you get a chance to enjoy premium crisp clean sound quality through this waterproof wireless speaker. Product installation process is too easy to accomplish, you do not really need any specific tools for the aforesaid purpose.
  • You get to enjoy the shower speed that’s probably 3 times more than the standard rain spa shower head.


Benefits of H2o Vibe Rain Showerhead Speaker:

  • Sing Your Music in the Shower Time- With H2oVibe rain showerhead your shower time turns into a musical journey, where you get to enjoy your favourite music while standing below the shower that’s designed to operate in different enjoyable modes.
  • Detachable Speaker- The provision to detach the speaker allows you to use the same even outside the shower room. It is made compatible with different devices to intensify the level of enjoyment at your end.
  • Easy Installation- Too easy to install, and all set to use. The design is crafted in a way which doesn’t require you to spend much time and effort in the process of installation.
  • Powerful Jet- The powerful jet of this powerful shower head with speaker is made to operate in different modes, through which you could have a spa like experience on regular basis.
  • Wireless Music- The evolution of enhanced technology is the form of wireless music is warmly welcomed by folks. Enjoy it to the fullest and make your day happening.

Give yourself a reason to enjoy with the best Bluetooth shower speaker. Make use of the latest technology and bring home luxury in abundance.

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