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Led Shower Head


What is a LED Shower Head – Choose One for Your Home:

As the name suggests, LED shower heads are a regular shower head with an additional LED light integrated into the head of the shower. They provide a cover of light along with the shower and thus enhance the experience of the user. Besides being a style statement and a top favorite with the kids, there are several other reasons you should look for buying a LED shower head for your home.


Advantages of a LED Shower Head

  • The right kind of somber light is known to uplift and enhance the mood. Having a shower beneath a soft light will definitely leave you more relaxed and energized.
  • Taking kids for a bath was never as easy as is with these color changing LED shower heads. These are a complete hit with the kids.
  • It’s a great style statement to make in your house. LED shower light definitely adds to the value of your house.
  • There are several LED color changing shower heads that are equipped with color changing temperature sensing system. A simple way to gauge whether the water is cold, warm or hot according to the change of color of LED lights.


How Do These Lights Work?

A LED showerhead has a strategic design that has LED bulbs placed between the nozzles of the shower head. The best part about these is that they work using hydro power which is not only economical but environment-friendly as well. The force of water gives power to the small electrical turbines that generate power enough to light these LEDs.


Best LED Shower Head Reviews:


LED Shower Head Reviews – Our Top 3 Recommendations for LED Shower Head:

DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing LED Shower Head – Best Multi-Color LED Shower Head:

  •  USP of the Product: Color Changing water Temperature Sensor

One of the most advanced LED shower heads of the world, the lights are powered by running battery and save the trouble of batteries; the Dreamspa LED shower head comes with an extra large chrome face with a reflective perimeter rim that enhances the look of the shower head. The 5 different settings included are pulsating massage, power rain, hydro-mist, water saving pause and economy rain. The unique temperature controlled LED shower head color changing feature can give a kick to the child in you as well. There are 3 different colors for 3 different temperatures. The LED lights can well survive 100,000 hours or 10 years of optimum use. The installation is easy and can be done in minutes without the use of any tools. The shower head LED comes with a one year limited warranty as well.


Dream Spa Aqua Fan 12 inch Rainfall LED Shower Head – Large Shower Head with Color Changing LED Light:

  •  USP of the Product: Color changing LCD/LED temperature display

This rainfall shower head with LED lights is a NextGen product. With an LCD display that changes colors with the change in temperatures, it looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. Read the temperature on the LCD display or guess it with the change of color-Blue(cool), Green(warm), Red(hot), Flashing red(warning for too hot). The LED lights work using the Hydra Power i.e. they are powered by running water and do not require batteries. This 12 inches LED shower head is more like a spa rain shower head. Enjoy the rainfall shower experience with its 123 rub clean jets and a curved fan design with adjustable angle.


Luminex by PowerSpa 7-color 24-setting LED shower Head Combo – Best LED Showerhead and Handheld Combo:

  •  USP of the Product: Air jet design

This 7 color LED shower head comes with 24 different settings and an air jet design that optimizes the water pressure by introducing oxygen into the water flow through 48 plastic nozzles that have a rub-clean feature and prevent clogging. Both the shower heads have a 4-inch wide face and an adjustable angle and 4 different settings that include massage, rain, rain with massage and water saving pause mode. The LED handheld shower head has complete mobility and can also be used for up close or handheld use as well. The LED rain shower head includes a 3-way water diverter, anti-swivel lock nut, and a 5 ft shower hose in stainless steel.



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