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Best Low Flow Shower Head


Save Environment, Buy the Best Low Flow Shower Head!

If you have always felt strongly about your responsibility towards the environment and doing your bit to save it, we give you a fair and easy chance-Go buy the best low flow shower head! These shower heads are no different in the experience they provide except that they are eco-friendly and save a lot of water and energy which crystallizes to low water bills as well.


Benefits of Installing a Low Flow Shower Head:

  • The low flow showerheads are designed in such a way that they do not mess with your showering experience and let you play eco-friendly as well.
  • You definitely feel better when you know that you are not just saving the environment but your water bills as well.
  • Another way you contribute to the environment is by lesser consumption of energy. Less water consumption equals to less energy consumption used to heat it.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Low Flow Shower Head:

  • Technology Used: There are different models that use different technologies for saving water. Be specific to choose the one that suits your requirements.
  • Flow Rate: Look for a low flow shower head that can operate at a lower flow rate than the standard 2.5gpm. Most of the low flow models offer 1.25gpm as well which is a lot of difference.


Bet Low Flow Shower Head Reviews:


Our Top 3 Recommendation for Best Low Flow Shower Head:

Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low Flow Showerhead – Low-Pressure Cool Shower Head:

  •  USP of the Product: Saves up to 30% more energy

Now conserve up to 30% more water and energy at home with the pressure compensating technology of Niagara Earth Massage. This low-pressure shower head uses 75% less water than its other competitors in the market. Even though you save water and energy, there is no compromise in the showering experience with its pressure compensating technology that delivers a consistently powerful flow, irrespective of the water pressure that is available in the house. You can also experience its 9 adjustable jet massages from a gentle spray to a forceful jet. The low flow shower head is self-cleaning and maintenance friendly. Available in white and chrome plated finish, it has a body made of high impact ABS thermoplastic that is corrosion resistant.


High Sierra 1.5GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head – Best Water Saving Shower Head:

  •  USP of the Product: Unique design and shower head orifice

One of the best water saving shower heads, High Sierra has a patented technology and a unique design that is designed to save up to 1700 gallons of water per person every year as compared to the regular low flow shower heads that are designed for the use of 2.5gpm. Its compact design and unique patented technology make it the most innovative green product on the shelves. This low water pressure shower head has a polished chrome finish; is made of solid metal and is available in a variety of colors to match any décor from apartments, schools, health clubs, hotels, and universities. The company has the FCS nozzle patented.


Speakman S-2005-HB-BN-E2 Hotel Anystream High-Pressure Adjustable Low Flow Shower Head – Best Low Water Pressure Shower Head:

  •  USP of the Product: Anystream 360-degree technology; Self-cleaning nozzles

This fixed shower head for low water pressure features a patented 360-degree technology that lets you switch between a variety of spray patterns with a simple rotation of a handle. It is also equipped with the patented plungers that help to optimize the water pressure. The three different spray patterns are intense, massage and combination. Perfect for all the decors like traditional, contemporary and vintage, it is available in polished chrome, brushed Nickel, Brushed chrome and polished brass that are fit enough to give any interior a pricey look. The shower head also features 5 adjustable jets that produce 50 streams and 8 different pulsating massage sprays. Its nozzles are self-cleaning that aid in offering a consistently powerful spray even with low water pressure. This low flow shower head comes with a flow rate of 2.0gpm that is EPA water sense certified.



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