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Best Rain Shower Head


Looking for the Best Rain Shower Head?

Before you choose the best rain shower head for yourself, it is important for you to know what a rain shower head actually is. It is a shower head that gives you an effect of showering in a rain since they have strategically designed nozzles that disperse the water in a steady form. These are generally ceiling mounted rain shower head as opposed to the others that are installed diagonally. The user stands beneath a large faced disc that is shaped differently to enjoy a rain like effect. Some of the high-end models use a pulse mechanism that forces the water out in the form of droplets to replicate the rain like effect. While some rain shower head is equipped with a single function, there are others that have multiple functions to offer like:

  • Pulsating rain
  • Drenching rain
  • Massage


Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Rain Fall Shower Head:

  1. Cost: Though the rainfall shower heads are not too expensive, you must decide on your budget. If you are looking for some additional features like built-in speakers and LED lights, you should be prepared to pay an extra amount.
  2. Size: Look for wide rain shower fixtures that will give you maximum coverage and thus, more rain like effect.
  3. Water consumption: Try and select the models with flow restrictors so you never have to worry about wastage of water when enjoying your rain shower.
  4. Features: You should know what you are exactly expecting. Are you happy with a simple rain shower head or are you looking for multiple features?


Best Rain Shower Head Review:


Top 3 Best Rain Shower Head Reviews for You –

SR SUN RISE Luxury 12 Inch Large Square Shower Head – Best High-Pressure Rain Shower Head:

  •  USP of the Product: Unique Air Energy Technology

The SR SUNRISE comes in a 10 layered chrome finish that looks sleek, smooth and bright; is anti-rust and corrosion resistant. With its unique air energy technology, you can enjoy a rain shower that is consistently powerful even under the low pressure of water. This 12-inch rain shower head has silicone gel nozzles that are easy to clean and prevent any mineral build up as well. Expect a relaxing experience with its 12-inch wide showerhead that is crafted in high-quality stainless steel. The rain style shower head is very easy to install and does not require any tools. It comes with a 5-year warranty.


WantBa 8 inches Rainfall Shower Head (157 jets) – Best Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head:

  •  USP of the Product: Wide coverage with 157 jets

Experience a never like before rain experience with a wide coverage of this 8-inch rain shower head. The wide disc has 157 jets that completely cover the user in a soothing rain like experience. This wall mounted rain shower head has a metal swivel ball connector that lets you adjust the angle of the shower head as per your suitability. Apart from having an eye-catching, polished chrome finish, the overhead rain shower head has an easy-to-clean face. The flow rate of 2.5gpm provides a steady flow of water enough to give a drenching rain like effect. The installation is easy and does not require any tools.


Dream Spa 9 inch Rainfall Shower Head – Best Rain Shower Head with Handheld Spray:

  •  USP of the Product: Extra large shower head and a push button flow control

The Dream Spa rainfall shower head redefines luxury in a beautiful way. Use the rain shower head system or the rain shower arm to pamper yourself with a convenient push button flow control. An extra large face gives a wide coverage for a fulfilling experience; the jets can be easily cleaned with a simple rub-on; a solid brass joint assures easy change of angles and leak proof design. The hand held shower also comes with a push button for a convenient flow control and its 4.75-inch wide face make for a better coverage as well. Enjoy different settings like aeration massage, high power rain, and other luxurious waterfall settings easily. This large rain shower head has an easy tool free installation that does not require any plumber.



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